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16mm² Arc Rail Sliding Contact Line

Type:BHFS-4W-16A/80 Rated Current:80A Size/single Piece:800mm Single Length:≤3016mm Weight/PC:8.6kg Equivalent to 16mm² Copper Cable


Sliding Contact Line


Sliding Contact Line

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As a new type of power transmission device for construction elevators, the Sliding Contact Line is made of high-quality insulating materials, embedded with five transmission aluminum conductors as the transmission bus, and equipped with a mobile Current Collector. It is simple, compact, safe, reliable, and energy saving. Each Sliding Contact Line is 3016mm long (equivalent to the height of two standard mast sections), and is directly installed on the standard mast section with iron fasteners. Its birth has solves the problems effectively that have troubled customers for many years, such as short service life of cables, easy theft, and easy to be broken down in windy weather, which affect safe construction.


The product advantages:

1. Not Occupy the weight of Hoist: the Sliding Contact Line is fixed on the mast section, the weight will distribute to each mast section, which will not increase the cage load, but also reduce the energy consumption.
2. Not affected by the bad weather: the sliding contact line is fixed on the mast section. No matter how strong the wind blows, the sliding contact line is still and does not affect the operation of the construction hoist.
3. Not easily lose: the Sliding Contact Line was not valuable after dismantle.
4. Easy replacement for damaged parts: it's easy to replacement for the damaged parts in spot, don't need to dismantle the whole piece of Sliding Contact Line.  
5. Not Roof Fall: the roof fall will be occurred on the condition of limited fail, when limited fail the current collector will run over the top of Sliding Contact Line, it will power off automatically, then stop the running of hoist.
6. It can add the height of Sliding Contact Line according to the progress of project: the Sliding Contact Line with 3.016m per piece, same to the height of two mast section, it can insert piece by piece and add the height according to project progress.
7. It can be used by recycling: the lifespan of Sliding Contact Line will be 4-6 years, it can be used for second time after one project will be finished. 

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