After Sale Service

With the business purpose of "providing customers with high-quality products and services", Sanming Jinda Mechanical and Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. solemnly promises to continuously improve the service quality while ensuring the reliability and stability of the equipment. It will provide customers with high-quality services in all aspects, from sales to after-sales, from delivery to first installation guidance, from technical services to equipment maintenance management training, and strive to save customers time, heart and effort.

1. Ensure that the equipment packaging and identification are clear and correct, and the goods are delivered to the delivery site safely and on time

2. High Quality and Fast Technical Service

In order to better ensure the normal operation of the equipment, timely answer the questions raised by users, and help users solve problems, the company's maintenance center and local maintenance outlets are responsible for the first installation guidance, maintenance, technical consulting and other services. The maintenance center is responsible for providing technical consulting services for customers at any time by full-time technicians.

3. The first time installation free training on installation, daily maintenance and servicing for users

Technicians are responsible for guiding the installation, commissioning and trial operation of on-site equipment. After the normal operation of the equipment, the technicians shall conduct systematic training on the user's future maintenance, repair, secondary use inspection and storage. The user shall sign on the Disposal Sheet for confirmation, and the supplier's technicians can leave the site.

4.On-Site Patrol Inspection

Our company lists patrol inspection as one of the routine maintenance work, that is, the company irregularly inspects the running equipment. The company's patrol inspection is mainly conducted by engineers and technicians, with the participation of designers, and listens to the problems and suggestions reflected by user maintenance personnel, so as to constantly improve the software and hardware functions and quality of products.

5. Warranty Period

During the equipment warranty period (except for easy wearing parts and man-made damage), the costs of parts, components and travel expenses shall be borne by the Supplier.

6. Lifelong maintenance to ensure the interests of users

The warranty period is one year from the date of installing the Sliding Contact Line (excluding easy wearing parts and man-made damage); If the customer fails to install the machine immediately after receiving the goods, the warranty period shall be eighteen months from the date when the customer signs for receiving the goods. After the warranty period, the company provides lifelong paid service.

7. Establish users files and improve product quality

In addition to providing technical consulting services for users, the after-sales service center of the company is also responsible for receiving and collecting user complaints and consulting information, ensuring that the problems and requirements raised by users can be handled in a timely manner, and tracking and verifying the handling. At the same time, user files shall be established to record the use of products, so as to provide basis for future product quality improvement. We will continue to strive for excellence and provide customers with better products and services. The maintenance center of the company has 24-hour telephone service. The full-time technicians accept the calls from users to ensure that users can get technical support at the first time when using the equipment. After sales service hotline: 86-598-5827785 Supervision complaint hotline: 86-18759837297 Our product quality and after-sales service, please supervise!

8. Requirements and suggestions

Sincerely thank all users of Sanming Jinda Mechanical and Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. for their trust and support to our company. Please let us know in time if you have any suggestions and requirements for our products; At the same time, regular maintenance shall be carried out according to the operating instructions and maintenance items of various products of the company. In case of equipment failure, please notify us in time. In case of failure, our company solemnly promises that we will not ask for the reason, let the equipment return to normal operation at the first time, and analyze the reason and responsibility afterwards!


Sanming Jinda Mechanical and Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.